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Tech Tips

Prowash have compiled How To’s and  Fact Sheets that will assist you with many everyday tasks. 
    CAT Pump Preventative Maintenance Schedule
    An easy to follow checklist/schedule for the preventative maintenance of your CAT Pump
    Handy Hint - Swivels
    Maintenance and replacement of swivels is a day to day part of running a car wash.
    Having The Right Tools On Site
    Make sure you have the right tools on site
    Hose Cutter
    Advice on using an authorised John Guest hose cutter 
    Hydrominder Push-In Tips
    How to check your push-in tip to ensure it is correctly installed in the Hydrominder
    Prowash Fact Sheet | Hydrominder Repairs & Spares
    A handy guide to ensure you choose the correct spare parts kit for your Hydrominder repairs
    It's Not Just A Hose Barb
    The hose barb on the chemical injector is more than just a means of attaching the product line.
    How To | Fact Sheet | iVac TURBO Vacuum Filter Bag Installation
    An easy to follow checklist/schedule for the preventative maintenance of your CAT Pump
    Maintenance Of Self Serve Soap Tanks and Hydrominders
    Instructions for maintaining self serve tanks and hydrominders.
    Modern Carwash Chemistry
    This Prowash developed article gives you more info on Modern carwash chemistry
    O Ring For Big Blue Filter Housing
    Changing your pre-filter on your Reverse Osmosis (R/O) system is a regular maintenance activity that should be performed every 6 months.
    Presoak Your Washs First and Last Impression
    In these tough economic times, money is tight, and car wash owners are, understandably, looking for every way to save money.
    Self Serve Bay Inspection
    Inspecting your self serve bays is an important part of keeping your site in tip top condition
    Servicing a CAT 310 Pump
    Instructions for servicing a CAT 310 pump.
    SuperSat Titration Test Procedure
    Follow these easy steps to successfully test the titration of your SuperSat soaps
    Take Better Care Of Your Vacuums
    Information about getting the best performance out of your vacuums.
    Touchfree Cleaning Trifecta
    Instructions for combining chemical, dwell time and water impingement to achieve the best results in your touchfree wash.
    Venturi Effect
    Learn more about the Venturi Effect
    Wash Down Code
    In the wrong hands, your wash down code could cost you money
    Water Softener Salt
    Buying water softener salt direct from the supplier can save you money

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