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Handy Hint - Swivels

Hose swivels both high and low pressure, come in all shapes and sizes and some perform better than others in certain applications.

Maintenance and replacement of swivels is a day to day part of running a car wash. If there is no swivel fitted, or it is leaking, it may lead to a bad experience for your customer. In-line swivels are generally used at the high pressure gun or foam brush handle and enable the easy use of bay equipment for the customer. Used in these positions they can be subject to quite a bit of “side load” that will cause them to wear and leak over time.

Other positions for the in-line swivels are between the self serve car wash boom and bay hose to enable the bay hose to rotate as the customer moves around their vehicle. Prowash recommends using a swivel saver hose in this position. This is a short hose from the boom to the swivel that lessens the side load on the swivel and extends the life greatly. The combination of both swivels fitted to a bay hose gives the customer the best comfort and ease of use. The 90 degree swivels used at the boom or in some automatic car washes offer good lifespan as proper alignment and maintenance ensures reduced side load.