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Credit Card Payment Solutions

Credit card payment solutions are available for a majority of equipment brands and types across the carwash industry. Since 2018, and with expediential growth through the pandemic, we’ve even seen this form of payment overtake our traditional cash and token payments. It’s no surprise really to learn that this form of payment is preferred.

It’s safe, it deters vandalism, it reduces manual labour and excessive time spent to reconcile weekly banking.

As an industry it really has streamlined our service offering to a diverse customer base. On the back of this payment technology we’re also seeing wash apps emerge with built in offerings to keep the customer coming back again and again! As far as technological advancements in our industry go, it really has been a game changer.

As your trusted carwash supplier Prowash has the benefit of accessing industry suppliers and representing them and we’ve done that here so you have access to payment solutions in one convenient place. Using the logos below, learn more about each brand, their products and the devices available to you.

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