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Featured products | Carwash Vending | Spare Parts & Carwash Accessories

Each month we select some of our popular products and showcase them in our catalogue. The selection includes, but is not limited to; products for your carwash vending machine - fragrance tree air fresheners, vending sachets; popular items for your carwash bays - foam brush accessories, swivels, carwash bay signage, pumps and fittings.

Nozzle Kit Spray Arch LW360P (New Arch)
Price: $180.00
In Stock
Code: PDQ03230091
Nozzle Kit Spray Arch
Price: $160.00
In Stock
Code: PDQKIT001
Nozzle Kit Spray Arch Water Saver Stainless
Price: $160.00
In Stock
Code: PDQKIT003
Nozzle Kit Underbody Stainless
Price: $117.00
In Stock
Code: PDQKIT002