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O Ring For Big Blue Filter Housing

Changing your pre-filter on your Reverse Osmosis (R/O) system is a regular maintenance activity that should be performed every 6 months.  If water quality is poor, the frequency would be increased.

Sometimes this simple job can be made difficult by a faulty O-ring that seals the housing.  Prowash now have stock of these parts to help those of you who struggle with an oversized/stretched O-ring every time you change your filter. 

The use of O-ring grease can aid in sealing, and also help keep the O-ring in place while you are positioning the housing.  Make sure not to over tighten the housing as this can be the cause of the stretched O-ring.

This O-ring is to be used in the ‘Big Blue’ housing that takes the Dual Gradient 25-1 micron filter.  We also have a tool available to aid in the removal of the housing.  It is recommended you relieve all pressure from the filter before removing the housing.  When re-installing the housing, tightening by hand is usually sufficient.

O-Ring for Big Blue Filter Housing – Part # DH62562OR

Dual Gradient 25 to 1 Micron Filter – Part # DH62530

Tool to Open Big Micron Filters – Part # PW10431

Smaller R/O systems use the 1 micron filter which is longer in comparison, but smaller in diameter.  Because of the smaller diameter the O-ring is less likely to stretch.  O-rings are available for this filter, along with a tool to open the housing.

1 Micron 20” Filter - Part # DH62526

O-Ring for Amatek 20” Filter Housing - Part # DH62561OR

Tool to Open Small Micron Filters 20' - Part # PW10430