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Hydrominder Push-In Tips

With the push-in style tips on the Hydrominder it is important to make sure they are properly pushed in to the barb and not sitting in the line. Sometimes back pressure can pop the tip out of the barb and into the pick-up tube. This can result in chemical passing around the tip as well as through it and leads to excess use of the chemical.

Walking onto a site last week I spotted the Yellow Splatter Wax was lower in the drum than the other two colours. A quick check in the Hydrominder tanks showed the tip for the Yellow Splatter Wax had jumped out the barb and was in the tube allowing extra wax to pass in to the Hydrominder.

The same thing can happen with screw-in tips on injectors if they are loose and not screwed in tightly all the way.

If you think you are using too much product, always check the correct tip colour and also make sure it is fitted correctly.

Image Culprit Tip
Culprit tip popped out of the barb and sitting in the tube.
Image Correct Tip
Correctly seated tip pushed home in the barb.