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Venturi Effect

The venturi effect is important to most car washes in one way or another. This is the effect caused when water flows through chemical injectors or eductors and creates the suction to draw the chemicals in to the mix.

The venturi effect is the phenomenon that occurs when water flowing through a pipe or tube is forced in to a narrow section. This results in a pressure decrease and a velocity increase. This drop in pressure creates a vacuum. This vacuum is what we use in the car wash situation to draw chemicals in to the mix.


Different injectors are designed to work best under different conditions. The size of the Injector, the feed water pressure and the metering tip all affect the volume and concentration of the resulting discharge mix.


In the car wash it is important to have the correct injector for a particular purpose. It is also important to maintain the correct water feed pressure for the injector to operate correctly and the correct metering tip should be in place to achieve the desired chemical/water ratio.