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Hose Cutter

All service technicians at Prowash carry and use specific hose cutters to cut John Guest hose. Whether it is a quick join or a replacement hose you always want to ensure that your connection is going to be leak-free and stand the test of time.

The hose cutter we use will ensure you get a nice clean cut and will prevent deformation on the end of the hose. As you can see in the images below, when you cut John Guest hose with pliers or a similar tool, it is common to deform the hose, increasing the likelihood of a leak at the push connection.

The hose cutter is designed with a pointed blade that puts less pressure on the hose and results in minimal deformation and a nice clean cut.

When inserting the hose into a push fitting we also recommend a small amount of Molykote around the end of the hose prior to insertion. This will ensure you do not nick or spin the internal O-ring, it will also reduce potential leaks down the track if removed and refitted.

You can now purchase the hose cutter and Molykote from Prowash so you can install and repair like a professional.

TSNIP – Hose Cutter

PWT004 – Molykote Silicone Grease for O-Rings