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Wash Down Code

Does your self serve car wash bay controller allow for your attendant to use a FREE WASH DOWN code for cleaning your bays instead of using tokens?

If you have Prowash iWash Self Serve car wash equipment then the answer is YES!

Recently, while out and about, Scott Bristow was chatting to a truck driver on a local car wash site. The truck driver was a friendly fellow and as the conversation flowed he talked about how he and his truck driving mates had been given the wash down code for their local car wash site. They had been using it to clean their trucks and thought it was a wonderful alternative to paying for their large vehicles to be cleaned. The bad news for him was that the site had changed the wash down code and he and his mates were left high and dry paying for their washes.

During this conversation Scott heard alarm bells in his head and as a car wash owner himself he knew it would be something other car wash owners should be made aware of.

So we suggest you fight back against this theft and change your wash down code regularly, even make it a part of your monthly site maintenance. We also recommend you change the wash down code if you have a staff member end their employment with you or on any given day you feel like someone unauthorised is using the code. It pays to be vigilant against people stealing a service and water from you, so set yourself a reminder and don’t get caught out!

The wash down code is a feature that is built into your Prowash Self Serve equipment to assist you and your car wash staff in keeping your site clean and tidy. If you require assistance reprogramming your Prowash Bay Controller please refer to the Programming Guide or call our Service Department on (03) 8340 3200.