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iVac TURBO Vacuum Filter Bag Installation

It has been brought to our attention that the mesh on the vacuum motor installed in the Prowash iVac TURBO can block up and can cause the vacuum motor to overheat.

The mesh filter on this style of vacuum motor is an important safety feature that prevents anything from entering the motor that may cause damage, in particular the sharp fast moving vacuum impellor. The vacuum motor relies on air flow to self-cool so it is vital that the mesh filter is inspected regularly and cleaned/cleared of dust particles as required.

In some instances, we have seen vacuum motors losing suction, overheating, drawing too much current and tripping the circuit breakers. If you have a Prowash iVac TURBO the recommended routine maintenance includes cleaning out the filter bags (and washing regularly) and inspecting the mesh under the vacuum motors to ensure they are all free of dust particles or anything that could be blocking the mesh. Even more importantly you must ensure the vacuum filter bags are installed correctly to prevent this from happening prematurely. Loose filter bags will allow the dust to escape past the bag and then get trapped on the motor mesh.

An easy to follow guide is provided in the link below