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It's Not Just A Hose Barb

The hose barb on the chemical injector is more than just a means of attaching the product line, it also contains a small check valve that prevents water from siphoning down the line into your chemical drum.

From time to time you may need to service or replace this component as part of your regular maintenance. There has been some confusion in the past as to how the 3 parts of this assembly go together; incorrect assembly can result in diluted and overflowing product.

If you look inside the barb from the threaded end you can see and O-ring held by a retaining ring. The ball bearing is placed inside the barb onto the O-ring and then the conical spring is positioned; small end on the ball bearing.

The venturi created by the injector sucks the chemical in, past the ball bearing. Other times the spring seats the ball bearing against the O-ring stopping the water from pushing down the pick-up tube and placing pressure on the foot valve.

Take care when installing the assembly as these small parts can be hard to find if dropped on the plant room floor.

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