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CT400 Money Management is HERE


Money Management by Quest Payment Systems is a FREE ADD-ON to your existing CT400 device. The revenue data is reported in the existing Cloud EFTPOS Dashboard app which many customers already have access to and use to reconcile their credit card payments. Once re-wired, the CT400 has the ability to record all pulses and you will then be able to view all revenue (credit card, coins and tokens) received through the carwash bay, vacuum, entry system, vendor and dogwash.

While many sites across Australia are experiencing lockdowns, restricted access to site and business challenges that we've never experienced before, we think this is a well timed upgrade to your site. The Installation Guide (link below) produced by experienced Prowash Technicians shows how easily your CT400 can be re-wired to activate this all encompassing Money Management tool.

We have installed and tested the tool across half a dozen sites and on all accounts we've received positive feedback. At any time of the day you can log into your app, see your revenue at a glance and know just how busy and successful your day is going to be. If you're feeling hesitant about adding this feature to your site, why not consider just adding it to your automatic carwash entry system, self serve bays and dogwash? See below some examples of the screenshots from the Cloud EFTPOS Dashboard app.

View the Prowash Installation Guide here

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This is how Quest Payment Systems describes their app

The Cloud EFTPOS Dashboard presents transaction reporting insights across all your sites in a simple layout. You’ll be able to see at a glance how your Sites are performing over any time period, down to device level. You can also create custom views showing groups of devices across multiple sites, enabling you to compare the performance of particular types of devices across your company.

Revenue information in the Dashboard can be viewed by transaction date, or by the bank’s reconciliation period making it easier to match to your banking deposits. Amex transactions are split out separately to further ease your reconciliation process, as Amex settle directly to merchants, not via the bank.

Download from the Apple App Store here

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Author: Naomi Gilbert
Date Published: 11 August 2021