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Roadside Advertising

Within the carwash industry we all know how important your site location is. It is a benefit to you to be on a site that has plenty of passing traffic, easy access, located alongside other conveniences and if this is not the case we would recommend advertising locally to ensure all vehicle owners know how to find you. Once they have been to your site, used your product and decided for themselves that you are offering a superior service at a great price they will be back!

Carwashes located on busy roads or at intersections where traffic slows and stops, we highly recommend the use of roadside advertising. Some benefits of this advertising includes:

  • Deliver a specific message to a wide audience
  • Make your location know by capturing the attention of potential customers
  • Low cost with maximum exposure
  • Advertise your unique service offering
  • Let customers know you have an active promo or event

Even if your passing traffic is on foot, you will still offering them visual stimulation that may trigger them to return to your site at a later date.

Neil Fox, the president of ACWA and a carwash owner in WA, recently shared his success using LED signage on a newly acquired site. He initially hired the sign and then after seeing how effective the signage was in improving his throughput, he decided to puchase a sign himself.

To assist you with all of your roadside advertising needs we recently made contact with Auto Visuals and they are now one of our preferred suppliers. If you want to know more about what they do, give them a call on 1300 735 765 or visit their website www.autovisuals.com.au

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Author: Naomi Gilbert
Date Published: 6 April 2021