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Blendco New Lid Caps and Wrench

The existing crimped funnel type drum cap on all Blendco 6 gallon drums/pails has been upgraded to an improved standard screw cap.

  • The screw cap and gasket seal will allow for a tighter fit with the newly designed pail stingers.
  • The screw cap is more robust and is less prone to leaking during transport and handling.
  • Existing pail stingers will still be usable allowing for a smooth transition, but the cap will need to be quickly replaced for a tight fit.
  • Blendco have created an informative video that shows the pail stinger change over process: WATCH HERE (This video has a lot of detail, however, if you want to just watch the actual change over please skip forward to 1:45)

On site, pail stinger caps will need to be modified to fit the new style. Prowash will endeavour to supply our customers with pre-drilled pail stinger caps making the transition as simple as pulling the stinger from your current grey cap and pushing it through the pre-drilled hole in the supplied cap and screwing back onto the drum.

Should you find yourself short of pre-drilled caps it is as simple as drilling a 16mm hole in the cap centre of the supplied drum and a 2 or 3mm hole towards the edge to allow breathing. This can then be retained for future use on new drums.

If you have any queries regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Service team on (03) 8340 3222.

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Author: Naomi Gilbert
Date Published: 28 October 2020