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Crime Prevention

We were contacted recently by a Senior Constable from the Victorian Police in regards to some recent break-in's at carwashes located in the North East of Victoria. This is a good reminder for us all to make sure we are on top of our security. Below are a few things we'd like to remind you about.

  1. Empty coinboxes and on site safe daily, or as frequently as possible.
  2. Don't use your change machine as a safe. The rear door of the change machine has been designed to be accessed by only you. If your plantroom or office is accessed the change machine will be targetted.
  3. Think about how strong and secure your plantroom and office doors are.  If thieves have to work hard to break through these barriers then they may give up and move on.
  4. Security cameras should be cleaned and operational - check your recording devices are working.
  5. Always keep minimal cash in your change machine.
  6. Update and/or clean your security signs/stickers – Dye Bomb, Cash Removed Daily, 'Under 24Hr Surveillance'. These signs will discourage thieves from targeting your carwash site.
  7. Ensure your alarm system is operational and contact your local expert for a review of your system.  Prowash recommends Mik from Razor Security. Check them out online here.
  8. Prowash has recently added super heavy duty hardened steel padlock to our range suitable for vendors, vacuums, dogwashes, etc. See the product information on our online shop here.
  9. Security frames and lock guards are also available to add strength to your vending machines. Check out our security online shop category here
  10. Assess your cashless payment options and consider installing a CT400 contactless payment device to your equipment. If there is no cash on site, it can't be stolen.
  11. For Prowash iWash customers, ENSURE you update your self serve bay washdown code regularly. We have recently seen a TikTok video of someone showing how to use the code to wash their car for free - VERY CHEEKY indeed!

We are seeing sites pop up around the country that are entirely cashless! (Imagine cutting out the cash counting and banking process to your weekly rountine, now we all want those hours back, don't we?)

© Prowash Australia
Author: Naomi Gilbert
Date Published: 4 March 2020