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Thanks Danny, it's been a blast!

Way back in 2006 Danny was employed to fill a key position within our equipment install crew. This was back in the day when Prowash was manufacturing, installing and serviced our iWash and iVac self serve carwash equipment and the PDQ LaserWash nationwide. Danny slotted in easily with the crew and flourished in his role. Under the watchful eye of Mick Garcia, the two became a well-oiled machine and sites with Prowash equipment popped up all over our vast country.

In 2009 Prowash expanded and equipment distributors for each state and territory were appointed. This dissolved our install crew and allowed us to focus more on the design and production of our equipment to ensure we were building the best equipment for our customers. It also meant we could use the key personnel in the crew to assist with other areas of the business. Danny had strength in building relationships and together with his experience in the install crew he was appointed our Distributor Liaison and later his role changed to encompass Business Development.

In 2012 Danny and his family became owners of a local carwash and this really heightened how Danny approached his job. He was now able to see it from the supplier and customer point of view and he began talking to his own carwash customers and understanding their needs. This insight become crucial when in 2015 he started manufacturing the Prowash iWash and iVac range of equipment. His strong moral compass and a desire to make sure the Prowash equipment range is always on top of all technological advancements and able to consistently perform well on site is a benefit to us all. Our self serve carwash Splatter Wax concept and brand was a brain child of Danny’s and we’ve seen this product dominate in our industry. Just recently Danny also re-designed our self serve pump stand to create a modular concept we lovingly call iWash ADVANCE. As a carwash owner himself, Danny strives to ensure the equipment is reliable and is easy to troubleshoot and maintain. That’s why we confidently say our equipment is designed by carwash owners, for carwash owners!

“I have really enjoyed my time at Prowash, I take with me a wealth of knowledge and skills that I will always treasure. I am thankful to Scott and the team at Prowash and all our customers for providing me with great experiences and opportunities over the years and I look forward to seeing what new innovations and ideas will develop for this great industry in the years to come.” - Danny

The Prowash team, customers and suppliers are all sad to be saying goodbye. We couldn’t be happier that Danny will continue manufacturing our iWash and iVac range of equipment. Danny we will miss your quick wit, always smiling face and go-get-em attitude. We wish you the best of luck with all your future life adventures and thank you for your contributions to the growth of Prowash and the Australian carwash industry.

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Author: Naomi Gilbert
Date Published: 15 October 2019