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ACWA - Letter from the President

Dear Member,

I take this opportunity to remind you that Australia is heading into what forecasters are predicting will be prolonged dry period on the east coast. Indeed, many are suggesting the year ahead could rival conditions experienced during the Millennial Drought. With this in mind, there has never been a more important time to be a member of ACWA and the Water Rating Scheme.

My fellow ACWA Directors and I take our responsibility seriously. At this time we are in a battle with Water Authorities on three major fronts:

1. Stage 1 Water Restrictions have already been implemented in Sydney with all car wash sites in the Sydney Water Authority required to apply for exemptions if they wish to continue washing. Importantly, we have been advised that Stage 2 Restrictions are just around the corner, with new and potentially draconian levels of restrictions applied to car washing. A position we are strongly opposing on behalf of our members;

2. Southeast Queensland have their eye on what is happening in Sydney and they are currently considering implementing car wash water restrictions; and

3. Melbourne Water is considering its water regulations in light of irregular rainfall during winter and comparatively low dam levels.

ACWA directors make a voluntary commitment to the car wash industry cause and at this crucial time, many of us are involved in daily discussions and debate with Water Authorities. As important as these actions are for the industry, they are often undertaken to the detriment of their own businesses.

On behalf of my fellow Directors, we are calling for industry solidarity and an acknowledgement of the work being done for our industry. And the best way of recognising our work is via your ACWA membership.

Thank you to those members who have paid their subscription for this year. If you have not paid your ACWA membership subscription, I encourage you to do so today and support our fight for the rights of the car wash industry. If you have comments or want to get involved in any way, please feel free to contact the Directors or myself at any time.

Kind Regards,

Neil Fox - ACWA President

28 August 2019

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Author: Naomi Gilbert
Date Published: 30 August 2019