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Anti-Siphon Tip

A common issue experienced at the carwash is water and chemical siphoning back from the hydrominder tank to the soap concentrate drum if the foot valve on the pick-up tube fails.

The quick fix to prevent this is to drill a small hole (about 4mm) in the discharge tube between the highest level of the solution in the tank and the restrictor in the discharge tube. This allows the discharge tube to drain after each cycle.

Now if the foot valve fails the pick-up tube will drain and fill with air drawing your attention to the issue without wasting or contaminating the soap in the drum.

If you are using SuperSat you will not need to do this on your soap functions as the dual eductors have an in built anti-siphon on the side. The wax functions with single eductors however will still require this hole.

Date Published: 27 August 2018