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DuBois & Prowash Join Forces - A Note From The CEO

It’s been a busy and exciting time for us all at Prowash recently and I’ve been thinking how important it is that I provide our valued customers with some updated information as the new CEO of DuBois Chemicals Australia P/L.

Many customers, suppliers and acquaintances of Prowash have understandably been asking questions about the change of ownership of Prowash and what it means for them. Some have also questioned whether I will be leaving Prowash and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Undeniably this is a significant development in terms of the landscape of the car wash industry, however, the reality is that it’s just business as usual and it simply strengthens our ability to distribute quality products in Australia.

This change has reinvigorated my passion for the carwash industry and with the support of DuBois I am confident we can make our industry even better. We are bringing together two strong businesses and this will only enhance the existing Prowash contribution into the industry. DuBois, a globally recognised brand, is a leader in providing innovative chemical solutions to manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Dubois & Blendco have been a key partner of Prowash and a major carwash chemical supplier in our industry since our beginnings in 1996. Prowash now has a greater ability to grow further and introduce more products as the industry develops. Our competitors may speculate our demise but it’s important to note that we are strongly positioned in the carwash industry and will only become stronger for many years to come.

We love that our customers are so loyal and passionate about the service that Prowash provides and we thank you as we couldn’t do what we do without your support. Our business has grown over recent years and will continue to do so this year. Our team are dedicated to providing you the same unrelenting support and service. You have our commitment to continue providing superior service, an extensive product range and industry knowledge to ensure that our partnership with you, the customer, remains strong.

These are interesting times that are full of opportunity and growth. Please be reassured that DuBois and Prowash remain committed to the industry and are looking to the future with confidence.

Kind regards,

Scott Bristow CPA

CEO, DuBois Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd


Date Published: 8 August 2018