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Product Reveiw - HAKO

Every car wash owner knows that a clean, well-maintained site is key to attracting and keeping customers. Avoid the old broom and dust pan and save time with the Hako Sweeper.

Simple and robust, Hako is four times faster than pushing a broom and much more efficient (unequalled sweeping performance up to 2,300m²/hour). All debris contained in a roto-moulded ABS plastic hopper with the aid of the main broom and side brush collects all debris and designed for easy disposal. The broom chamber is completely sealed with rubber sealing aprons which prevent debris falling out of the sweeper. Its compact design fits through any standard door. Lightweight and won't rust. It’s a practically indestructible synthetic material dirt hopper with a 5 year guarantee!

Don’t just take our word, here are what some Prowash customers have had to say about the Hako sweeper.

“The Hako sweepers are integral to all our wash sites. They are extremely reliable and I would highly recommend them to any industry where you need to sweep a large concrete or compact area."

"We sweep our sites at least once and up to three times a day. If looked after, they should give years of service.” Michael Arnet, multi site manager.

 "I would highly recommend the Hako sweeper to any carwash owner. It's a necessity at every site! We tend to use it on a daily basis. It's very quick to cover the whole area of the site and particularly good at picking up those annoying cigarette butts. Also for the amount of use that the Hako undergoes (which is a lot), it is actually quite robust! " Andrew Beard, Derrimut. 


Date Published: 11 July 2018