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Why you should attend the Carwash College

Why you should attend the Prowash 1 Day Carwashing 101 Workshop

Anyone new into the carwash industry knows it can be difficult to find useful information on getting started, from equipment use and maintenance needs to tweaking chemical settings. As a consequence of this lack of knowledge it’s highly likely that you’ll experience a breakdown and not know where to turn next. Hence, in 2017 Prowash decided to setup the Prowash Carwash College and ran our first 1 day workshop – Carwashing 101 with a vision to assist new and existing carwash owners, managers and employees.

Prowash are passionate and committed carwash professionals with expert knowledge. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best information to get the best outcome for your business. Each presenter on the training day has either owned, operated, or managed a carwash. Their real world experience and knowledge is infused into the Carwashing 101 program allowing our attendees to acquire years of knowledge over the space of a day.

The original pilot training day was so successful that Prowash decided to make the Carwashing 101 workshop an ongoing event with views to expand the Carwash College workshops with a view to offer distinct programs and services down the track. Topics and content are continuously revised in the current workshop to capture the latest in technology and industry-specific best practices. Each training day includes a comprehensive program-specific manual that attendees can reference long after they attend training. Yes, it’s yours to keep, along with your valuable notes from the day.

These comprehensive training programs are designed to be non-brand specific and everything an attendee learns during training is transferable to any type of carwash. The training course is a combined lecture and hands on experience for some activities. Components of hands-on learning allows attendees to better retain what they have learned, enables them to transfer these skills easier and with more accuracy and finally, hands-on learning provides an enhanced sense of accomplishment.

End of the day who would you prefer to educate you on the industry? Most would say those that not only sell the products, but those which have experienced owning and operating a car wash. If that is the case then the Prowash Carwash College is the choice for you. Consider this – if you learn more, you earn more!

Our first few workshops have been a great success, this is what some attendees had to say.

"Provides a key understanding of operations and chemical performance and expectations of product" Philip, Williamstown Car Wash.

"Wish it was 6 months earlier! Great course and I have learned a lot!" David, Fresh Ride.

"I learned the importance of improving my processes to ensure my wash retains a high standard" Brendan, Stormwash.

“Interesting and informative day, a lot of points of interest we weren’t aware of” Wendy, Renrow Wash & Go

“Great overview of the industry and as a refresher to those new to the industry” Mick, BCCM

“Enjoyable day and still learnt stuff after near 2 decades in the industry” Jason, Clover Carwash

“Welcoming, inclusive, keen sense of help & networking. Excellent 101 course” Hudleston, Carwash on Hartley

“Loved learning how to properly maintain the machinery and identify potential issues before they become a big problem” Heather, Coomera Grand Carwash

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners and Operators
  • First-Time Car Wash Investors/Owners
  • Location Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Service Technicians

This one day course will cover: -

  • What’s in your plantroom
  •  Self Serve & Automatic Washes
  •  Importance of water
  • Equipment types
  •  Car wash trends
  •  Ancillary Equipment
  •  Soaps and waxes; chemistry and much more!


The Mission of Carwash College

 Prowash’s aim of Carwash College is to provide the highest quality information, education and training at the lowest price for owners and operators in the carwash industry.

Date Published: 13 June 2018