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Handy Tips - Hydrominder Screws

Handy Tip from our Soap Technician.
Prowash now stock a replacement stainless steel screw to use in your hydrominders for attaching the valve body to the plate. Often the original 3 screws corrode over time and can become difficult to remove when changing valve kits or bodies.

Prowash recommend that any time you have to remove the original screws; for example to replace a valve kit, diaphragm or valve body, you replace the screws with this stainless steel version that won’t rust and create problems in future.

It may be worthwhile going through your hydrominders and replacing these screws before the time comes to service and you find you can’t get the original screws undone.

You can find the screws HERE, PW40065

Date Published: 11 May 2018