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CT400 Latest Update

There has been a buzz around Prowash recently as we commenced our staged rollout of the first 100 CT400 units. These devices were installed into sites local to Prowash to ensure we could keep a close eye on them. Quest has requested we monitor these devices for two weeks to ensure transactions in the field and communications with devices are successful with no issues. This will give Prowash and Quest peace of mind once all units are installed nationwide.

In the meantime, Prowash will be contacting customers on the pre-order list to ensure all paperwork is completed. Transactions cannot take place without this. Surprisingly this paperwork processing takes longer than the installation of the CT400 units.

Please be diligent with completing and submitting your paperwork, you will not receive your devices until all accounts are activated and ready to transact. There are 3 different forms of paperwork in addition to an online proof of ID from Quest, NAB & AMEX that need to be filled out and returned so please be thorough and attentive to emails being received. Following you will also receive letters of offer from the respective banking institutions that will need to be signed and returned. Prowash is here to help where needed to help with any queries you may have.

Please forward all paperwork regarding your CT400 payment system to creditcard@prowash.com.au . More importantly when you receive an email from NAB headed "Your Merchant Facility Details" Prowash must receive a copy of this email. We require all of these details to activate your devices before we despatch your order for installation.

Customers please also be aware about identification requirements for your financial institution regarding the AML/CTF (Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act) act. If your settlement account is with another financial institution to the NAB you will need to ensure that the bank statement for customer identification needs to match exactly that of your name or trustee. If you are required to change the name on the statement of your financial institution to match NAB then you should be able to make the update and request a “Special Statement” which is produced overnight and the customer should be able to log in online to download it the following day. More information can be found on the AML/CTF Act at the following link: AML/CTF Act


Check out some of the CT400 units working in the field:



CT400 in the Self Serve Bay


CT400 on a Fragramatics Machine


CT400 in the Dog Wash

Date Published: 11 April 2018