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Tips to Protect Your Paystation

Unfortunately, carwashes are prime targets for burglaries. Whether vandals cut open or rip out entire coin boxes the old-fashioned way or hackers try to access credit card information from modern point-of-sale (POS) systems, all types of pay stations are susceptible to crime. However, there are ways to minimize the risks of having your pay stations targeted or tampered with. Whether by reinforcing their physical structures, setting up guards and alarms or building virtual firewalls with the latest cybersecurity software upgrades, you need to do everything you can to turn your pay station into a fortress. Despite the technologically advanced society we live in nowadays, burglars will still attempt to either break into the system or simply use a vehicle to uproot the entire terminal from the ground.

A safe pay station begins with the overall design of the unit — if it immediately gives a visual perception of strength and protection, thieves will know they have a tough task ahead.

There are a variety of pay stations on the market, but the most secure ones have the following features:

  • A thick grade of stainless steel for the entire unit — cabinet, door and base
  • High-security locks
  • Steel backer plates in areas such as screens or card readers (which are often targeted as weak points on a terminal)
  • Separate vaults for the cash-holding areas (so that, even if thieves get past the main door, there is still another heavily-protected area to get through before accessing the money)
  • Minimal hook points
  • Solid concrete base for the pay station

Another highly recommended option is to install fixed bollards around the unit to prevent ram raids. Of course, reinforcing the body of a pay station is all well and good, but even the strongest defence means can be susceptible.

Another option and great investment is the use of seismic sensors designed to protect attempts to break into physical reinforced areas such as your pay stations. These seismic detectors react to the characteristic vibration patterns of all breaking-and-entering tools, such as hammers, drills, diamond saws, hydraulic pressure tools and thermal tools like welding torch and thermal lance. While at the same time this detector will allow for normal human activity around the protected area without the risk of creating unwanted alarms. Coupling these sensors with on-site alarm systems as well as appropriate lighting that illuminate the pay station not only to create an aesthetically pleasing focal point at your wash but it also keeps the pay station in view of other businesses and passing cars or penetrations which makes it less attractive for a criminal to target.

While the industry’s finest payment terminals are built to withstand the prying of would-be thieves, the best way to prevent theft and damage to your equipment is through the use visual security that detects suspicious behaviour, and warn the intruders away before they can negatively impact your business.

As a preferred Prowash supplier, Razor Security recommends video cameras as a most valuable piece of equipment at your wash! Digital Video Surveillance Equipment will provide your wash with the ability to pick up following activities:

  • Catch thieves/vandals
  • Illegal dumping
  • Hazardous material drop off
  • Prevent vacuum theft
  • Combat fraudulent claims
  • Any suspicious activity
  • Employee theft
  • Give customer sense of security
  • In addition you can use state of the art software to monitor how busy your car wash is from wherever you are using your mobile phone!

For any assistance in tips for securing pay stations contact the staff at Prowash or Razor Security


Date Published: 9 February 2018