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Thinking About Change

As we approach 2020 the level of technology changes and the power of engineering to create radical shifts in how the world works, has left some people failing to accept such a rapid rate of innovation and change as we move forward.

Change can often be difficult, but often the benefits of accepting change and moving with current technology trends can far outweigh the difficulty of transitioning to the update or change in technology. It’s interesting how adverse some are to change, whether it’s to their business model, types of equipment or embracing the newest technologies. This can only leave us to question why there is such opposition to change. Common responses include: “Because that’s how we’ve always done it,” or, “Our customers wouldn’t like that.” When perhaps the reality is the business owner purely thinks of the nuisance of transition in the short term and not looking at the long term benefits.

Let’s take a look at one of the biggest technology trends happening at the moment in Australia, and that is cashless payments. With cash rapidly becoming obsolete, welcome to the new cashless world. The numbers are in: 53% of payments made in Australia are now done with cards or mobile payment apps. Mobile-based tap-and-pay systems have seen a surge in usage of over 200% in the last 12 months. Australians are predicting that our country will be cash free by 2022.

While a number of countries are working to make payment systems less dependent on cash, many car wash operations that remain dependent on cash sales could find income and profits declining. That’s right, many car wash owners and operators who continue to ignore developments such as the recently introduced EMV Smart Card technology; Apple’s mobile wallet, and other mobile payment vehicles; cyber currencies; and the like may find revenue affected.

Change just for the sake of change isn’t what we’re advocating, but change that can bring real results should at least be given serious consideration, whether it be something as simple as a new component to eliminate labour to something as complex as knocking down your existing tunnel or installing cashless payments options in all your self serve and automatic bays, to increase dollars into your business. For those who read this that are still hesitant, think short-term pain for long-term gain.

Date Published: 6 February 2018