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How to Wash in the Self Serve Bay

The menu board is arranged in order for a particular reason. Educating owner/operators and your customers on the correct order to wash their cars in the self serve bay helps get the best results and finish providing owners with return customers as a shiny car equals happy customers.

For best results use all functions in the order they appear on the menu.

Here are a few hints and tips:

  • First apply tyre cleaner to all the wheels and tyres.
  • Leave the tyre cleaner to soak while you apply the pre-soak.
  • Always apply the pre-soak from the bottom up
    • Applying from the top down can lead to run lines.
  • Next rinse the whole car, again from the bottom up with high pressure soap.
  • If you wash has hot high pressure soap you will see improved results
  • Always rinse the foam brush before using it
    • A quality hog hair brush will NOT scratch or mark
  • A dirty brush used directly on a dirty car might scratch or mark the surface
    • Never begin washing with the foam brush on a dry car
  • Once thoroughly rinsed it is not an appropriate time to use the foam brush.
    • This is after the worst of the dirt has already gone
  • Rinse the entire car from the top down.
  • The car is no clear and ready for shine and protection applications
  • Apply low pressure clear coat or Splatter Wax to the entire car.
  • Rinse off with the high pressure wax where available or high pressure rinse
    • Rinsing off with high pressure wax provides an extra layer of protection.
  • Always finish with a thorough rinse of spot free water from the top down.
    • This water has been specially filtered to ensure it is free from impurities
    • Leaving no unsightly water marks or spots as he vehicle dries
  • Now the customer can drive away in the clean car with pride!
Check out the video HERE
Date Published: 10 January 2018