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Urgent Attention - Time to Upgrade Your Entry System

Prowash believes that everyone with an Anztec or Mr Magic entry system needs to consider an upgrade of their existing Entry System to the Merlin 2 retrofit.

Why? The newly developed Merlin 2 at the heart of the upgrade, is easily retrofitted and has improved capabilities and features allowing for:

  • Remote reporting via the Anztec online interface so you can easily connect to your system to receive and print performance analysis reports, event logs and hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reconciliations
  • Smart communication features enabling configuration of all parameters via local network or Internet
  • Sending cell phone/email alerts for events such as hopper empty or validator note jam
  • Time based pricing (i.e. enable a happy hour)
  • The ability to upgrade software from your PC at home
  • Individual user logins allowing users to be assigned differing privileges

Furthermore, the Merlin 2 provides a gateway for the CT400 contactless card reader an EMV compliant credit card solution that moves your carwash into the future.

The development of the Merlin 2 by Anztec is great timing as it allows a breakaway from the old NetRegistry technology and the uncertainty surrounding the long term viability of the NetRegistry service. There has been an increased amount of scrutiny of credit card compliance recently with “card not present” (CNP) technology being surpassed in the market by the superior security of EMV solutions.

More about credit card transaction security

If you haven’t heard; massive data breaches that result in stolen credit cards have been regularly making headlines over the past few years. The credit card industry has worked to build protections that can reduce the amount of credit card fraud. For retailers, it is incredibly important to understand the requirements that need to be met in order to ensure that you are not liable for fraud. One particular area that is important for retailers to be aware of is EMV Compliance with fraud liability shift going into effect October 2017.

Europay, MasterCard & Visa founded the EMV organization that established the new standards for EMV chip technology in order to shift liability and reduce their fraud losses. On the plus side, EMV technology enhances credit card security through improvements in the way chips store and communicate data making chip cards harder to counterfeit than magnetic stripe cards.

NetRegistry’s CNP process does not match the superior security built into the EMV chip technology and it is apparent that the Net Registry service may be deprecated at some time in the future. We don’t want our customers to be caught out by this and ask that you seriously consider the steps you need to take to ensure the credit card payment remains a viable option on your entry system.

So, if you’re going to buy one or more CT400s for your carwash site, we strongly encourage an upgrade to a smarter Merlin 2 and CT400 for your entry system. There will be limited stock available for the Merlin 2 boards and to assist us in providing a Merlin 2 for everyone’s sites you’ll need to pre-order your CT400 and retrofit kit for your entry system TODAY!

Please contact our friendly staff at Prowash to gather further information on the Anztec retrofit on 03 8340 3200.

View the Anztec brochure for further information on the Quest CT400 Contactless Reader and Merlin 2 Retrofit kit.


Date Published: 17 November 2017