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2017 ACWA Expo Wrap Up


The ACWA Expo was held at Etihad Stadium Melbourne, on the 1st & 2nd of November. The Expo was well attended and was a great success for Prowash overall. It’s fair to say our booth was the amongst the busiest, and the first day was hectic, with many customers keen to get a first sneak peek at the CT400 Contactless Payment System by Quest and get their pre-order in early.

The Expo action all started in the theatrette, following the ACWA AGM, Brent from Blendco gave a presentation on “Be a Super Power When it Comes to Car Wash Chemistry”, with an insight on key factors to get the best out of your chemicals. This included such factors such as knowing about the chemical composition of your detergent or wax, pH, titration, the performance of the chemcial and buying from a trusted supplier. While this was all happening the Prowash team was ready for the influx of customer interest that was to follow in the booth space. Our long booth succinctly and perfectly flowed from our trademark SuperSat soaps, through to sample spare parts, Little Tree™ samples and into the penultimate CT400 Quest Payment system at the corner. At 11am it was all hands on deck; in the booth we were kept busy fielding queries and interest on converting carwash sites over to the premium SuperSat soap system and cost calculators, Splatter Wax installations, to vending and the hundreds of CT400 pre-orders.

Check out some of our booth setup


Here’s some of the first day action

Although tired from the bombardment on the first day and some weary team members post gala dinner, a steady flow continued on the second day, with more orders and queries fielded by the team.

So in case you  didn't get the memo on the CT400:

The Quest CT400 payment system is an easy to install “MUST HAVE” contactless card reader that can be fitted to any Self Serve carwash, Vacuum, Dogwash for easy to use credit card payments. Think of it as your next generation coin mechanism. It will also be retrofittable to existing ANZTEC & Mr Magic Entry Systems. The CT400 is completely wireless with each unit run by its own SIM Card & offers daily reports of “real-time” payments & cash flow. It will allow you to breakaway from Net Registry or Payment Express, as Quest are the hardware & software suppliers, which means any software updates can be conducted remotely by Quest.

If you missed the opportunity to place your pre-order and get priority access to the first batch, please submit your pre-order HERE

Date Published: 14 November 2017