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Consider a Fresh Look with Wat-er Blast

Wat-er Blast is a high-pressure cleaning company that services commercial and private sectors with high pressure water and steam. They clean car washes, buildings and premise surrounds using their uniquely designed, engineered and custom built mobile units. Combined with their scientifically developed Wat-er Blast chemicals and master techniques, you can be confident they can bring your investment back to life.


What Wat-er Blast can do for your car wash:

Clean the internal area of your car wash bay, removing all soap scum, mould, dirt and other debris off the walls, tiles, glass, signs, exterior of machine and remove litter from carwash bay.

Clean the external area of your car wash bay, removing cobwebs, grease and oil stains. The entry and exit driveways cleaned, removing chewing gum, grease and oil stains. Hand clean code entry stand, surrounding bollards and clean entry and exit kerbs.

Contact Wat-er Blast:

Phone number 1300 372 711

Web: www.wat-erblast.com.au

Email: admin@wat-erblast.com.au

Date Published: 14 November 2017