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Car Wash Show Europe 2017

Car Wash Show Europe is an event that is focused exclusively on the European car wash industry. Presented by the industry, and for its benefit, by the International Carwash Association.

In 2017 Car Wash Show Europe™, was held 25 – 27 Sept in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event featured carwash tours, product displays, seminars and receptions. It drew 2,100 total participants, with more than 70 nationalities represented and approximately 80 percent of attendees from Europe, 15 percent from North America and 5 percent from other markets. The nearly 90 exhibiting companies represented twice the number of car wash companies assembled in Europe.

Scott Bristow CEO of Prowash Australia, shared his experience of attending the Amsterdam show for the first time recently. Here’s his recount:

As with most major expositions, Car Wash shows allow owners and operators the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about new innovations from the world’s premier equipment and chemical suppliers. The major difference with the Europe show was the opportunity to see European manufacturers that you don’t get to see in Australia or the US.

Prior to the expo kicking off I joined in the introductory bus tour which took attendees around to 4 different carwash sites. The bus tour was a convienient way to get around and allowed time to network with other carwash owners. The European market appeared to be heavily weighted on tunnel washes. Although it was also noted that the self serve or as the Europeans call it "jetwash" was making a resurgance in many other countries in Europe. The washes we observed on tour were based on large blocks of land and were predominantly fully covered "warehouse" type pavillions contained with a range of car washing options from a basic unlimited self serve to a top of the range automatic tunnel followed by exterior and interior detailing.

One of the features that captured my attention was the trialling of flatbed conveyor belts with the option to have your car filled with fuel on the conveyor prior to getting washed. All the carwashes we visited had free vacuum bays situated inside the fully contained carwashes. One thing for sure, they certainly do it big in Europe.

Here’s a sneak peak of a petrol pump using the flat bed conveyor:

I also observed at the show; new technologies and an emerging prevalence of phone applications and contactless payment methods, in addition to new water recycling equipment.

Overall I encourage carwash owners to get out and attend industry expos and conferences, it’s a truly worthwhile experience to get fresh ideas and potential new business contacts”.

Date Published: 11 October 2017