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Circuit Board Handling & Returns

There have been a few handling issues of late with regards to circuit boards that have been shipped and/or returned. Circuit boards can often get damaged when being handled or returned in the incorrect packaging such as standard bubble wrap. This type of damage voids the supplier warranty of the circuit boards. So if ever returning a circuit board please return in anti-static bubble wrap or an anti-static bag (as shown in the pictures below).

Here are some additional tips for Circuit Board Handling and Storage:

  1. Circuit board assemblies should always be handled at designated work areas incorporating proper operator grounding methods and static dissipative work surfaces.
  2. Work areas must be kept free of static generating materials including polystyrene, vinyl, plastic, fabrics and other static generating materials.
  3. When not being worked on circuit boards must be enclosed in shielded bags or boxes.
  4. Circuit board assemblies should never be placed on a conductive surface such as the top of a machine cabinet.
  5. Whenever handling circuit board assemblies in the field the operator must be properly grounded preferably by wearing a wrist strap connected to earth ground.
  6. Circuit board assemblies should be handled by the edges. Avoid touching the circuits or components.
  7. Circuit board assemblies should not be bent or twisted during handling.
  8. Stacking of circuit boards and assemblies should be avoided to prevent physical damage

Anti static bag pictured below

Anti Static Bubble Wrap pictured below


Date Published: 7 April 2017