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Prowash Celebrates Its 21st Birthday

It’s now been 21 years since Prowash began in the car wash industry. From small beginnings to great things they say. Let’s take a look back through time and how Prowash came together to be the successful company it is today.

Prowash’s relationship with car washing began in 1993 when CEO Scott Bristow and his father designed, installed and managed the daily operations of their family owned car wash site. Little did he know then, this was the first of many car wash sites that he would be involved in. This kick started a passion for the Australian car wash industry with the innovation to provide owners and operators with a ‘one stop shop’ for all their car washing needs and the result was the birth of Prowash way back in 1996.

“We had a vision to provide superior customer service and supply only quality car wash equipment, service, parts and products to existing and future car wash operators throughout Australia. It has always been our priority to develop and maintain strong, successful and positive relationships with our customers” states Scott. "In 1996 we also began importing Blendco’s SuperSat range of products and became the Australian distributors for Dilling Harris self-serve equipment and vacuums. Our learning was steep but the more we learnt the more invested we became in the car wash industry"

Plenty happened in 1999, Prowash was made the Australian distributor of PDQ's Touchfree Laserwash and moved to a bigger premises. Prowash also saw a need in the Australian market to develop and manufacture reliable and functional self-serve car wash equipment and vacuums. Today there are over 200 car wash facilities nationwide using the Prowash iWash® self-serve and iVac® vacuums. Proudly, Prowash car wash equipment is now represented and supported in each state by an expert distributor. By 2004 business was flourishing and Prowash made the big move to our current premises in Tullamarine with a larger warehouse space to support operations and in 2005 the extensive website and online shop was launched. By 2007 Prowash became the Australian distributor for Lustra soaps.

Fast forward to 2017 and we’ve seen many changes in equipment, upgrades, car wash installs, new products, new customers, new logos and the industry continues to grow. Through much learning and perseverance we are now in our 21st year, how time flies.

As a key supplier to the Australian car wash industry, Prowash continues to offer a comprehensive range of products to meet all your car washing needs - everything from spare parts to soap supplies and vending products. Our expansive warehouse and head office, located at Tullamarine along with our 3rd party warehouses in Western Australia and Queensland, allows us to provide superior service and products to car washes nationwide.

Here's a look back in the early days of founders Scott Bristow and Andrew Beard who started Prowash from small beginnings

Date Published: 15 March 2017