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Ensuring Safe Operations

To comply with OH&S regulations and to safeguard all employees and customers from potential health/physical hazards, proper training and protection are essential. A good training program can reduce accidents and injuries associated with these hazards. In addition, well-trained and well-informed employees are much more confident in their actions.

Having the right knowledge of the potential dangers associated with chemicals as well as the precautions needed to mitigate those risks — for example, wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) — helps to enhance employees’ well-being and improve a car wash’s overall operations.

Owners and operators must ask for SDS’ for every type of product used at the car wash from their suppliers, car washes should always have a complete set available on site and ensure all managers and employees are familiar with where the SDS’ are kept.

Prowash recommends car wash owners/operators have designated locations and procedures to help mitigate any potential exposure to chemicals, such as eye and skin wash stations and procedures.

Further to this Prowash’s commitment to product stewardship ensures only products in compliance with applicable laws and regulations are sold. Prowash supports sustainable products to be adequately represented in its overall product offering. It is Prowash’s policy to analyse current market trends and proactively offer new solutions for the continually developing and demanding markets.

Prowash has a strong commitment to providing all customers with adequate information to develop and maintain a successful car wash business. If you are using products on your site that are classed as Dangerous Goods it is a requirement by law that you have an SDS. Please refer to our current range of active SDS’s for you to print off and store in a safe place on your site HERE

If you require additional information on Prowash’s product range or if you have problems locating the SDS you require please give us a call today on (03) 8340 3200 or email your request to Customer Service.

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Author: Liz Reisman
Date Published: 15 March 2017