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New Look Website & Online Shop Coming Soon!

The new website and online shop has been designed with the customer in mind with some great new features.

Our search engine is now smarter:

  • Search results will appear instantly in a drop down window, complete with product images to help you identify products easily.
  • Searching for other items such as MSDS, product manuals and articles is now incorporated into the search bar
  • You can expand your search and use one or more keywords to find what you’re looking for
  • The new search engine also has intuitive search functionality, this means it learns about you and what you’re looking for to make future searches more personalised.
  • The new Prowash website and online shop is responsive. This means you can view it anytime, anywhere; from your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone and your online experience will never be compromised.
  • We’ve designed a Resource Hub, where you can find resources such video tutorials, how to fact sheets, tech tips, articles, product manuals and much more.
  • Find Car Wash maintenance and management documents within our new Owner Operator Docs section, access suggested toolbox contents list, employee timesheet, self serve car wash maintenance guide, etc...
  • FAQ’s are now just a click away and can help you answer customer service and technical support questions.
  • We’ve improved product descriptions across the entire online stock range. This will help you to find what you’re looking for with greater ease, and improve your shopping experience.


Date Published: 13 February 2017