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How to Pick the Best Soaps

If you’re searching for your next car wash soap on the internet, we understand your frustration. Thousands of brands, varying prices, and loads of confusion. While there’s no way to filter the influx of car wash products, hopefully this article will provide clarity to those looking to get the most out of their next car wash soap purchase. Here are 4 easy ways to decipher the best from the rest:

1. Go for Strength in Titration
It may not sound like much to the everyday consumer, but it can make all the difference in quality results. Prowash find that the correct titration in a car wash soap will ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned. Different functions require different titrations. Tyre cleaner for example should be stronger than presoak, which in turn should be stronger than foam brush. Do your car’s finish a favour, and get the titration of your soaps right.

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2. Search for a Good Foaming Soap Formula
Foam can often be underrated when it comes to cleaning your car, and most people don’t realize that it can do a lot of the cleaning for you. Provided the chosen soap formula has a good surfactant and is at the correct titration the foam will help loosen all the dirt, grease, and grime that has built up on your car since your last wash. Loosening these contaminants means an easier wash for you to wash your car. The best bonus is that a good foaming soap also covers the vehicle better using less volume of raw product and are therefore more cost effective.

3. Avoid 'Waterless", 2-in-1 wax and 'Deep Clean' Product Claims
A ‘2-in-1 wash & wax’ simply does not exist in the same product if you want more than one week’s protection. Also ‘deep clean’ promises usually are bad for your finish. For an outstanding & unparalleled shine, try our new Splatter Wax that will leave a shine that you can see and actually feel!

4. Condsider the Manufacturer
Not all car care product manufacturers are created equal. A lot of the big names are simply chemical redistribution companies. While they do have great prices, they don’t always have the highest quality products. It comes down to ingredients and attention to detail. Prowash like to carry a range of quality products at varying prices from formulated to concentrate range.

Recap: The Best Car Wash Soap
When shopping for a new car wash soap, your best option is to get as much information on the product you want before you buy it. The best car wash soap will compliment a proper car wash procedure by being titrated at the right strength for its given wash function, biodegradable, have a good foaming capability & coverage. While you’re searching, it doesn’t hurt to see what others are claiming.

When it comes to soaps, Prowash recommends the SuperSat® range. Here’s why SuperSat® is the fastest growing detergent system in the industry:

  • Superior Cleaning Technology. SuperSat delivers Breakthrough Cleaning Performance that really shines in tough cleaning situations including wheel cleaning and touch-free applications. You and your customers will see the SuperSat difference!
  • Compact Packaging. SuperSat’s unique two-component detergents are concentrated and come in convenient-to-use packaging. You don’t have to pay to ship, store and move around heavy bulk drums of traditional liquid detergents. Other leading liquid detergents contain up to 80% water or more, and the bulk and added costs are unnecessary.
  • Automatic Detergent Process. SuperSat lets you ‘Set it and Forget it.’ You never mix or measure because SuperSat makes the highest quality detergents for you automatically and continuously.
  • You’re in control. SuperSat Custom detergent Systems are designed to put you in control. You can independently adjust the cleaning strength and foaming ‘show’ of the detergents, according to your wash conditions, your customers’ needs and your desired economics
  • Service and Support. SuperSat is backed by Blendco Systems and Prowash’s friendly Soap Technicians.

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Feel free to contact Prowash for the best advice and knowledge on soaps.

Date Published: 16 January 2017