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The Importance of a Clean Car Wash

Every trip through a carwash is a sensory experience. The sights and sounds in the wash bay all affect the customers’ perception of value, influencing how much they are willing to pay and how often they come back. One crucial sensory element for any carwash is cleanliness. This creates a fresh image that will assure customers that your car wash facilities are the place to get their vehicles spick and span. You’ll also increase your perception of value, which has a marked impact on lowering crime and also encourages customers to pay more for your services. The advantages of a spotless facility can’t be underestimated!!

In addition to shiny cars, customers also want to see a spotless, clean facility. Cleanliness is almost everything in the carwash industry. Today’s customers expect spacious, clean and well-illuminated areas for various reasons, ranging from safety concerns to peace of mind in their purchases.

Since customers equate cleanliness to quality, regular litter removal on the lot and in the tunnel/bay areas of a site is critical. By ensuring the walls of your bays and equipment are clean, not only enhances the appearance but also the fragrance, feel and functionality of the wash.

Furthermore, mould, mildew and bacteria often develop because carwashes rely on water and often have dark, hard-to-reach areas, such as trenches and high ceilings. While regular cleaning and a proper trash removal program are mandatory best practices, a complete, thorough cleaning of the location specifically targeting the hard-to-reach and often neglected areas, is recommended at least twice a year and possibly once a quarter for busy locations.

Customers will associate the cleanliness of a carwash to its attention to detail, which they expect to see shine through with customer service and wash results. Improving your car wash’s sensory experience first starts with doing your due diligence. Next time you drive to your wash, notice the surroundings from the street and as you enter the property. What stood out and what didn’t?

Moreover, many of today’s car washes have a light service repair bay as part of their operations. If your business includes a brake service, you can schedule the work at your shop. If you don’t, you may be able to recommend a local repair facility. Either way, you are providing a valued service to your customer.

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Author: Liz Reisman
Date Published: 21 October 2016