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GBA Product Bulletin - AUD $5 Update

The Australian Government is introducing a new series of banknotes, commencing in September 2016 with the $5 update.

The GBA range of note acceptors can be updated to carry this note as follows :

GBA ST1, GBA ST1C & GBA ST2 can be updated
GBA HR1, GBA C2E, GBA Horizon & GBA SLEC cannot be updated

The GBA note acceptor can be programmed with a new note dataset using a VAL364 programming tool on-site or returned to the factory for a refurbishment.

Using Val364 Programming Kit

If you elect to program your note validators yourself, then you will purchase a VAL364 kit and will be emailed the software component and note dataset.

  • VAL364 USB dongle
  • Programming cables
  • VAL364 driver
  • GBATalk Programming and Diagnostics software
  • AUD$5 note dataset, (stx file)
  1. Load the driver and GBATalk s/w
  2. Place the stx file on your PC (say desktop for example)
  3. Connect your validator and open GBATalk
  4. "Upload All" the validator settings
  5. Go to New Dataset tab, select the stx file and download the dataset
  6. Make sure you enable the new $5 (note 7) under Set Notes afterwards.


Date Published: 21 October 2016