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Vacuum Motors

Vacuum motors are very important to your business. Get familiar with the vacuum motors that you are using so that you can be sure to notice when something is wrong before it gets too serious. This will also help you to increase the life of your engine.

Vacuum motors can have multiple purposes, and typically get rigorous usage. For this reason, good maintenance is vital to getting a good lifespan. Your equipment is working with heat in most cases. Most coin operated vacuums have two motors in the top and are usually good for about 400 hours. They are easily accessed and not expensive. If one goes out, it is likely the other will shortly after.

One common part to address is the carbon brushes. These will cause the motors to fail prematurely. Inspection of the carbon brushes is suggested at least every two months. It is a good idea to have some spares so you don’t lose any revenue. It is not uncommon to burn through a vacuum motor each 45-60 days, especially if you have 4-6 bays in your facility. When checking your brushes, also make sure the vacuum motors are secured. A loose motor can cause poor suction due to the motor impeller not being centred over the inlet. If the pressure is down, check your vacuum hoses for possible holes.

Another possible cause is if the trap door is ajar, but sometimes the motor will need replacing. If you find dirt around the vacuum motor, check to see if the filter bag is torn or not seated right. Proper maintenance and care will ensure continuous operation and revenue. The industry average for a car wash vacuum is about $400 per month in earnings. If you have several vacuums, you can see the importance of taking good care of this equipment.

Date Published: 1 September 2016