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Vacuum Maintenance Tips

Take better care of your vacuums!

Considering their low capital and running costs, vacuums at your car wash could be considered top performers in the earning stakes. Why not reward these hard workers with a makeover in the new financial year? New, clean decals and hoses attract customers, and if they perform well you will generate repeat business for years to come.

For optimum performance, vacuums need to be cleaned regularly and properly. At Prowash, we recommend you empty waste buckets and brush out vac bags twice a week. Simply emptying the waste bucket is not enough, as dust and debris builds up inside the filter bag which works the motors harder and reduces suction. It’s a dirty job but using a Vac bag brush is the most effective way to clean the filters and ensure good suction. Further to that, we recommend removing the filter bags on a monthly basis and washing them thoroughly in the self serve bay, before hanging to dry in the plant room. It is helpful to have one or two spare sets of filter bags, that allow you to change them over on a rotational basis while you wash and dry the others.

Regular inspection of the door seals and vac motor gaskets will show up areas that are damaged or worn that can reduce effectiveness. Door seals are easy to replace. Some are self adhesive, whilst the pinchweld on Prowash vacuums simply need to be cut to length. Ensure you push the seal tightly into the corners and don’t cut it too short. It takes approximately 2.5 meters of pinchweld to replace the seals on a Prowash iVac vacuum.

Date Published: 1 September 2016