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Replacing Decals Guide

It’s important to maintain a clean and bright car wash bay for your customers’ use, including replacing machine and sign decals when they become faded, worn, or damaged. With only a bit of preparation and a few simple tools, replacing machine and sign graphics is a task your business can quickly complete easily and effectively.

Removing old decals has always been a problem. It is recommended that the best method is to heat the decal up a little with a propane torch, heat gun or hair dryer before attempting to remove. The decal will soften, then either peel off slowly or scrape it with a putty knife. Often the remaining glue can be a bigger problem. There are some decal remover solvents available to purchase from hardware stores. This is usually found in the tile aisle where they stock solvents to remove glue.

In the case where the decal is the same size, just go back over it with a new decal with the old glue left on. Just be sure there are no high spots. Another option is to reapply decals with soapy water. Just spray on the soapy water & then peel off the backing and position the decal where you want it.

Click on the video to watch a demonstration on a safe and effective way to remove your worn or damaged decals and install new decals in your car wash.

Click here on the video link to watch a demonstration on how to replace damaged decals

Date Published: 1 September 2016