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The Laurel Story

Why Laurel Metal Products, Inc. is the only manufacturer of drop-shelf vending machines that you need to know...

You have had 52 years to get to know why Laurel means “Dependability in Vending” and is the first choice when purchasing car wash vending equipment for your wash. Laurel began operation in. 1959. The early work at Laurel involved the production of many different types of metal products and the continuing development of equipment to vend a wide array of consumer products.

In the mid-sixties, there was a project going that helped focus on the engineering design of a drop-shelf system that would be low in cost to manufacture and fast to assemble. What is present in the current version of mechanical and electronic vendors had its origin over 40 years ago. The call for electronic vendor controls was getting stronger in the early 90’s and development of the first version of an electronic single column drop shelf vendor was in 1998 and soon followed by electronic systems for 3 Column, and 5 Column drop shelf vendors.

Current day drop shelf vending systems have a wide variety of applications. Laurel vendors, both mechanical control and electronic control, are prepared for many countries’ coins around the world. Large or small, simple or complicated, the vending machines by Laurel have a long life and excellent dependability.

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Author: Liz Reisman
Date Published: 24 August 2016