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Vending Machine Security

A major issue for car wash owners and operators is theft and vandalism to vending machines. In many cases having a working security camera system will deter many criminals from attempting to break in to the machines or otherwise vandalising them. However, some criminals might not be aware of the cameras or just might not care. Because of this, vending machines should also offer their own security in order to keep money and products secure from vandalism.

Even with cameras and extra security on them, vending machines should always be placed in a well-lit area, preferably in the front of the car wash so cars driving by would be able to witness any tampering and notify authorities.

In addition there are a number of features on new vending machines that make them more secure than ever. Machines come with pry proof sides that make it very difficult for a would-be thief to pop open the door. The machines also have a ring guard high-security top to protect them from Mother Nature.

Another security option is to have a built in alarm system. Such alarm systems responds to motion where, if somebody hits the machine or tries to get inside, a loud deterrent alarm will sound. The high-pitched alarm has been designed to be heard over a large area. After an alarm, the machine will automatically reset itself then turn on again.

Finally, vending machines can weigh over 400 kg, so the weight helps secure them from theft. A machine can be locked to concrete to further prevent theft and vandalism.

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 16 February 2016