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Keeping Up With Technology

The biggest change in customer service and interactions with your business is the sheer number of channels through which people can contact your business. Instead of just phone calls and snail mail, consumers can now reach you by email, social media, text message, video call and live chat. Mobile technology has also enabled constant connectivity, giving customers 24/7 access to public forums in which they can publicly discuss or complain about your company. Only organisations that are willing to adapt and respond to this shift in business-consumer dynamics will survive.

Mobile phones are now in our society’s DNA. Your customers are constantly being inundated with information and have easier access to that information more than ever before. As a result the business of car washing is changing with the times, and more changes, particularly with app-based and online payment options are ahead.

As we begin to evolve more into a cashless society, Point-of-Sale (POS) technology improvements are beginning to have a huge impact on the industry by making it more convenient for consumers to wash more cars as we evolve more and more into a cashless society. We see it everywhere with ‘Tap and Pay as you go’ and through the development of Mobile Apps. There are also options to pay in advance and keep track of loyalty points as part of loyalty programs without the need for cash and cards. The impact on convenience for consumers shouldn’t be overlooked. More customers are going to take advantage of paperless transactions moving forward and your business is not excluded from this. Car washes should consider looking towards investing in new technologies and embrace emerging online/mobile payment methods.

Finding new ways to market a car wash has always been a challenge but the internet has helped. If the internet isn’t your cup of tea experts say a mix of internet marketing and traditional methods are still extremely effective.

Many of today’s manufacturers are offering cutting edge solutions intended to entertain, inform, perform at a high level, and enhance the customer experience. Effective, profitable car washing is fun and entertaining. One such product innovation that has become a source of entertainment is the introduction of Splatter Wax with Carnauba to automatic and self serve applications. Not only does it leave a soft shiny vehicle surface but the ‘splatter’ application itself can be rather entertaining. Creating value as well as a memorable experience should continue to be car wash owner’s primary objective when sourcing equipment, chemicals and supplies.

Convenience is also important and environmental awareness will result in a greater use of car washes. Customers will continue to be better educated and have higher expectations of quality and professionalism. Value, convenience, quality and positive experience will be requirements, not stand-alone characteristics. Operators that focus on a positive experience and provide fast, convenient service will win! It is an exciting time in the car wash industry with regards to new product development. The innovations in the industry are always exciting and leave us to ask the question….what could be next??

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Author: Liz Reisman
Date Published: 14 January 2016