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Keep Your Customers Happy

Top Quality Service
When you think about customer service and the way you want to be treated as a customer the solution to giving great customer service seems simple, but it’s not. All customers are different and they all have different expectations and desired outcomes when they visit your site. It’s important to treat your customers as individuals with specific needs. Separate your carwash from the competition by ensuring you have the best equipment, soaps and service available.

Customer service is FREE, it’s all in the attitude of you and your team on the frontline. Become a customer yourself and wash your car regularly in one of your bays (alternate between self serve and auto). This will allow you to gain perspective on what your customers experience when they visit your site. It will also allow you to closely examine your equipment for wear and tear and also assess the delivery of soaps in the bay.

Testing Soap Strength
To ensure your soaps are set at their optimal cleaning strength it is important to perform a titration test regularly. A weekly test on your self serve and automatic soaps will give you a clear picture of any fluctuations in strength, excessive use of product, equipment maintenance or poor cleaning performance. In turn, you can act quickly to rectify any problems or make required adjustments. It’s a great idea to draw up a table to record your results, that way you can compare your results and learn more about cleaning performance. If you need to order a titration test kit or require more information on how to perform the test, including what your recommended titration levels should be, please call Prowash on (03) 8340 3200 for assistance.

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 September 2010