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Cleaning Cars Consistently - Blendco Systems Tip of the Month

One big but simple reason that McDonalds achieved world domination in hamburgers is consistency. It’s not that their burgers are better than everyone elses, but the fact that wherever you go a Big Mac is a Big Mac, and you know exactly what it will taste like. There is comfort in consistency. Consistency is good for business. A primary goal for your carwash is to put out clean cars, day in and day out – consistently. Repeatability is the key, although every carwash operator knows that is much easier said than done.

One key to putting out clean cars consistently is to set the proper dilutions for the chemicals used in the cleaning process and then to monitor those levels for consistency. Your soaps and waxes come to you in concentrated form and in most cases must be diluted to the desired strength for use in the carwash. Starting with the manufacturer’s recommended dilutions, you should feel free to make small adjustments up and down, testing a run of cars each time you make a change, until you are satisfied that you are getting the result you want at a cost per car that is acceptable.

Once you’ve dialled in the proper mix and usage for your wash, your job of ‘cleaning cars consistently’ has just begun. This is because your soaps and wax strength must be monitored to ensure that they don’t ‘wander’ over time. Fluctuations in water pressure are one culprit that can affect proper dilutions over time. For example, hydrominders will put out consistent dilutions over a pretty forgiving water pressure range, but if pressure falls significantly below about 30psi or rises significantly above 60psi, watch out! You may find that you are not drawing your products properly to produce consistent soap and wax dilutions for the wash. It is not enough to know what your city water pressure is – you need to know what is happening to the pressure inside your wash at times of peak demand. You can use a pressure gauge to check pressurelevels. If you are dealing with significant fluctuations in pressure, you may need to install a holding tank and a pump with a pressure switch in order to attain consistent product applications for your customers.

The more you create a consistent, repeatable experience for your customers, the better. From a neat, clean appearance at your site, a friendly greeting, to delivering a clean car quickly, at a good price; consistency in the performance of your wash is the key to building up your business.

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Author: Blendco
Date Published: 1 September 2007