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Prowash - Our name is our promise to you…

Professionals in carwashing for over 14 years. We are a proud, professional and pro-active Australian company specialising in providing a total “one-stop shop” facility.

Our commitment is to ensure our warehouse is well stocked with high quality and reliable products at an affordable price. We are here to pledge our ongoing support to you today and every day that follows…

Distributors have been appointed in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia to better service the growing number of sites and in turn, customers. This strengthening of our network enables Prowash to focus on manufacturing superior Self Serve carwash equipment while our distributors support you!

Quality Products within our stock range have been carefully selected and tested prior to being released. Our product offering includes spare parts, soaps and a wide variety of vending products. Our leading soap brands offer cleaning solutions for self serve carwashing, automatics including touchfree and brushwash and tunnel washes. We proudly support Blendco Systems, Lustra & PDQ Manufacturing.

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 April 2010