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LITTLE TREES® Fragrance Trees – Product Focus

CAR-FRESHNER was founded 60 years ago, when a milk truck driver in northern New York complained to Julius Sämann, a local scientist, about the smell of spilled milk. Sämann had spent some time deep in the Canadian pine forests learning about aromatic oils. He went to work and using exceptional fragrances on specialty material, soon developed the concept of a hanging air freshener. He drew the abstract evergreen shape and gave it the brand name CAR-FRESHNER.

These LITTLE TREES proved to be an efficient, high-quality solution to a common problem and soon they were flying off shelves. The products quickly gained an international following and the company started exporting the products through a network of international distributors. Currently the company exports to over 100 countries.

All LITTLE TREES air fresheners are made in the USA. CAR-FRESHNER operates factories in two US states to keep up with demand and it has affiliated factories which supply the European market. In addition to the LITTLE TREES the company has a full selection of other automotive air fresheners.

The LITTLE TREES air fresheners have proven to be the worldwide leader in automotive air fresheners. Other products and companies have come and gone, but the LITTLE TREES brand stands as strong as ever, driven by a consistent dedication to quality, value, customer service and innovation.

The LITTLE TREES air fresheners come in about 60 fresh fragrances including outdoors, florals, fruits, masculine fragrances and everything in between. With new fragrances introduced every year there is certainly a fragrance for everyone.

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 February 2013