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Dye Bomb and Credit Card Decals - Product Focus

Amidst all the challenges facing our industry including changing weather patterns, rising transport/ utility costs and increasing insurance premiums, there is the growing threat of break ins and vandalism.

Apart from the use of alarm systems, vibration sensors and cameras, one simple but effective way to deter thieves could be an inexpensive “Dye Bomb” sticker.

Recently one of our senior staff members approached an entry system to program tokens. When noticing the “Dye Bomb - Deactivate Before Opening” warning sign, he found it necessary to double check with the owner of the wash, if he was safe to proceed.

If this makes a thief think twice about targeting your site, a simple $5 sticker could be enough of a deterrent to save you thousands?

We have also recently re-introduced the popular Visa-MasterCard decals for your credit card enabled equipment.

Placed on your entry or credit card/token machine, the instantly identifiable logo’s alert customers to your ability to accept credit cards.

Decal Dye Bomb 10cm x 15cm – Part # PW99823
Decal Visa & MasterCard 8cm x 13cm - Part # PW10434

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 April 2013