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Rudduck’s Flea Shampoo – Product Launch

The Rudduck’s business in pet and animal health care products commenced in 1904 following the arrival of Dr Harold Rudduck, an English veterinarian. Shortly after commencing his practice in Melbourne, he started manufacturing products that would improve pet and animal health, or solve a variety of complaints from fleas & ticks to dietary supplements and also basic grooming needs.

Introducing the NEW Rudducks Flea Shampoo
Rudducks Flea Shampoo 5L - Part # FLEADO004A

Rudduck’s Flea Shampoo is pyrethrin based offering safe, effective action without toxicity and without restrictions on repeat treatment.

  • APVMA approved No 52828
  • Larger cost effective 5 Litre bottle compared to the standard 1 Gal (3.8L)
  • Honey coloured liquid with a pleasant Rose fragrance
  • Specially formulated for the animal’s sensitive skin.


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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 September 2013