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The Power of Water

When you take a look at the Grand Canyon the power of water is evident!

Whilst not to the same extent, water can cause wear on your car wash equipment and the nozzles in the self serve and automatic equipment are no exception. Signs of nozzle wear include lack of pump pressure and poor soap application. Prowash provide a number of nozzle sizes for self serve application and water saver options for the LaserWash touchfree automatic car wash. The nozzle size is usually found stamped on the end and generally comprises of 4 numbers. The first 2 relate to the angle of the water fan and next 2 relate to the gallons per minute.

In years gone by, the standard nozzle size for self serve car wash bays was 2507, but since the introduction of water restrictions in many states the 2506 nozzle has been widely used. Both nozzles have a fan angle of 25 degrees but vary from 7 to 6 gallons per minute. Similarly in the LaserWash there are options to reduce water use by using a water saver nozzle kit. We have recently reviewed the makeup of this kit to help with soap application whilst still offering water use savings.

There are further options in both the standard kit and water saver for the LaserWash. They are currently available in stainless steel and ceramic. The ceramic nozzles are intended for use in aggressive reclaim water situations where nozzle wear is extreme, but they are considerably more expensive. With our increased buying power, Prowash is able to provide the stainless steel nozzle kits at a price affordable enough to change out regularly. All nozzle kits for the LaserWash are interchangeable across all models 4000, M5 and 360.

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Author: Prowash
Date Published: 1 November 2013